Tuesday, October 17, 2006

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Golden Rule Of On Line Trading

In one word DISCIPLINE , the dictionary defines discipline as controlled and obedient behavior, i take this to mean that when
you trade you should trade. Do not let a bet ride, if you can lock in a guaranteed profit take it.
Two examples of this, i had a bet for Tiger Woods to win the British Open Golf Tournament 2006 . The bet was £100 to win £560.
After the first days play 50 golfers were within four points of the lead , some of the top golfers in the world including Tiger. There
were still three days to go and a lot of golf to play. I could let my bet ride and hope for a nice payday or i could trade the bet
and lock in a guaranteed profit of £193 should Tiger win , or £50 should he lose. For me this was a no brainier i took the trade.
Tiger did go on to win by two points but i was still happy with my trade.
Example two, the European Champions League final 2004-2005 A C Milan v Liverpool what an unbelievable game this turned out
to be. For gamblers and some traders this turned into an absolute nightmare , if you had backed Liverpool to win outright then
you had a good result,but if you backed Liverpool to win the match then you would have lost ,the reason for this is that bookmakers
rules state that you are betting on the result over 90 minuets and at the end of 90 minuets the score was 3-3. I know lots of traders
also lost a lot of money for one reason, lack of discipline, at half time with A C Milan leading three goals to nil they believed the game
was over and did not feel it was necessary to lock in their profits, in the space of seven unbelievable minuets Liverpool were level
and the undisciplined trader was looking at a big hole in their betting banks. When gambling and especially when gambling on sport
you can not take anything for granted when the opportunity presents it's self to lock in profits take it.
TheBetting exchanges and especially Betfair the largest of the exchanges has now given ordinary gamblers like you and me a real chance
to make a good second income or to even a full time living out of our gamling.

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Potentially you might Realistically you won't ?

A young boy went up to his father and asked him."Dad, what's the difference between potentially and realistically?. "
The father thought for a moment, then answered."
Go ask your mother if she would sleep with Brad Pitt for a million dollars.
Then ask your sister if she would sleep with Brad Pitt for a million dollars.
Then ask your brother if he'd sleep with Brad Pitt for a million dollars.
Come back and tell me what you learned.

So the boy went to his mother and asked.
Would you sleep with Brad Pitt for a million dollars?.
The mother replied, "Of course I would! We could really use that money to fix up the house and send you kids to a great college!.

The boy then went to his sister and asked.
Would you sleep with Brad Pitt for a million dollars? The girl replied. Oh my God! I LOVE Brad Pitt. I would sleep with him in a heartbeat, are you nuts?!?!?!

The boy then went to his brother and asked.
Would you sleep with Brad Pitt for a million dollars?.
Of course, the brother replied "Do you know what you could buy with a million dollars.

The boy pondered the answers for a few days and then went back to his dad.
His father asked him did you find out the difference between potentially and realistically?".
The boy replied, Yes... Potentially, we are are sitting on three million dollars...... But realistically ... we're living with two sluts and a queer.

So what has this story got to do with gambling ?
Easy every time you make a bet,potentially you have a chance to win some money.
Realistically like 95% of gamblers you will loose your money.
Get smart learn to trade and turn potentiall wins into guaranteed profits.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Free Premiership Football Betting Tips For Every Team

Malcolm Boyle's Free Premiership Football Betting Tips For Every Team

The Premiership circus rolls onto our screens on Saturday and every club will contribute to make another post World Cup season the biggest yet from a media perspective.

The World Cup Finals generate tremendous enthusiasm the following season, and with even the top managers under severe pressure this season for one reason or another, no Premiership job is totally safe this time around.
Should Martin O’Neill be at Old Trafford instead of Sir Alex, and will Chelsea fans tire of another season of ‘meaningless’ Premiership victories if European glory slips through blue fingers again?
‘Harry’ has been busy down on the south coast, whilst Charlton have to learn to live without ‘Curbs’ who might have jumped before being potentially pushed as the Addicks face a potential nightmare season.
Agatha Christie would have struggled to pen a more compelling start to a new term, whilst web sites offer advice to potential punters on how supporters can add profit to their enjoyment by placing bets of all varieties relating to matches that endanger the strongest of marital relationships.
Football punters are increasingly important to bookmakers who realise that horse racing has shot itself in the foot too often to entice new customers, albeit that Italian football is under scrutiny after some dodgy activity of late.
The ex-Liverpool goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar was accused of match-fixing in this country several years ago, but all Brucie's blog seemed to achieve related to punters increasing their gambling on soccer, as opposed to the potentially terminal diagnosis in the horse racing sector. The ‘story’ (Bruce won substantial damages from a leading newspaper) merely boosted interest in fixed odds football betting!
Too many punters have their head in the clouds when they bet on football, with their hearts coursing the blood through the veins as betting slips are completed at breakneck speed as supporters back their team to achieve unrealistic targets.
Thierry Henry was a short priced favourite to score the first goal of the game in Arsenal’s matches last year, yet the Golden Boot winner only achieved the feat on five occasions.
Conversely, Darren Bent was on offer at rewarding odds by comparison and the Charlton striker opened the scoring in eight matches. ‘Sven’ made the mistake of ignoring Darren’s ability for this year’s World Cup, and the lesson for punters should be staring them in the face.
Punters need to delve into the information that is readily available these days, and rid themselves of laziness that will inevitably cost them money throughout the winter campaign. James Beattie scored the opening goal of the game seven times in matches involving Everton, yet James netted all those goals at Goodison Park.
Ignoring the potential of opposing teams for this example, the realistic odds for James to score the first goal at home this year should be around the 5/2 mark, with 12/1 freely available in matches away from Goodison Park. Those odds will not be reflected by bookmakers however, and punters need to hammer home the advantage, whether laying or playing the markets this season.
The scenario is repeated in the ‘correct score’ sector, with supporters of the popular teams steaming in for their side to slaughter the opposition on a weekly basis.
Although cynics suggest that ‘anoraks’ like myself can interpret numbers to an advantage, the facts suggest that figures never lie, and adopting this positive attitude can reap rewards.
Okay, so Arsenal hammered Middlesbrough 7-0 last year, but how many people would have suggested that Boro would have been the team that would have taken the hiding? Arsenal only managed to score a single home goal against Birmingham, before scraping past Cardiff (2-1) in a Highbury tie against Cardiff in the F.A. Cup, which emphasises the point I am trying to make.
If you consider that the home team is the favourite in the majority of matches, the sobering thought to consider when playing the correct score market, is that a stat of 310 against 70 emerged via home teams that scored a maximum of two goals in the Premiership last season. To ram home the point, also consider that two hundred and nineteen of those home teams scored less than two goals!
Splitting the two halves of a game offers more insight into the way that managers 'wind up' their players. Chelsea only 'won' sixteen first half 'matches', but claimed twenty-seven 'victories' in the second half of their games.
Hopefully this type of information will lead you to bet with your head this season and secure a profit instead of annual losses.
And finally to the bet of the year! This season’s major spread bet will be the market pertaining to the number of cards that Mrs (Graham) Poll will receive on her birthday. My spread would be around the 11/12 mark, with three given by her husband!
Be lucky!
Malcolm Boyle is an ex bookmaker/odds compiler turned successful author who has written several books on realising a profit from betting including; ‘Fixed Odds Football’ and, more recently ‘The World Cup Betting Guide’. Malcolm has just launched a new daily column for GG.COM entitled ‘Goals Galore’ where he provides FREE essential statistical preparation for every English Premiership team. Visit GoalsGalore

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Texas Holdem Poker Tips for Success

The game played in today’s poker television shows, and also the game played in World Poker Tour and in the main event of the World Series of Poker, Texas Hold’em poker is a fun and easy to learn poker game that is extremely addictive. Watch out if you start playing because it might just get you. It's a fun, I mean really, really fun.Texas poker even has different versions, as there are ‘no limit’, ‘pot limit’, and ‘fixed limit’ variations. These all referred to various wagering limits during the course of a given hand, the basic rules of the games themselves remained unchanged. The no limit version is the kind played on television. It is probably the most exciting and that is why it gets so much airtime. In no limit poker, a player can make the famous ‘all-in’ bet at during any round of betting. In pot limit poker, players are limited in their wagering to the size of the pool, or ‘pot’, while betting. Fixed limit poker has hard and fast rules about how much you can bet, or a multiple of the ante, as the betting limit.Often, unlike the more familiar ante found in traditional poker games, Texas poker uses what are called ‘blinds’ for the ante. Blinds are forced bets that are almost always more than the ante, they are limited to two players for any given hand. The player to the right of the dealer must ante the ‘big blind’, and the player to their right must make the ‘small blind’ which is half the amount of the first blind.Each player is dealt two cards dealt face down. These cards are known as the players ‘pocket’ cards, and they are for that player's eyes only. The first round of betting begins with the dealer, and ends with the player that made the big blind. The player can either call the bet made by the big blind, raise it to any amount allowed by the betting restrictions, or fold.When the betting is done, three cards are dealt face up into the center of the table. These cards all called ‘the flop’ and are ‘community cards’, and they are in use by all the players in an attempt to make the best poker hand possible combined with their pocket cards. More betting takes place, this time with the player to the left of the dealer, and ending with the dealer.Let all of those pets are in, a fourth community card is dealt, called ‘the turn’. Bedding at once again takes place for this round beginning with the player to the left of the dealer, and ending with that dealers that. A final community card called ‘the river’ is then dealt in the same fashion, which is followed by yet another and this time the final round of betting following the same order. The players then use all seven cars to construct the best five card hand that they can come up with to decide who the winner is.Texas poker is clearly very position dependent. The dealer has a decided advantage because they get to see the other players bets before deciding how they want to play the hand. The dealer position shifts to the left with each hand to balance this. Since the game is often played using a professional dealer, a disc called 'the button’ is used to signify the dealer position and it is this button that circles around the table instead. If you haven't already, give Texas poker a shot. I bet you'll love it.
Article Source: http://www.articledashboard.com
Marc is a professional online poker player produces a poker column. For tons of poker strategy articles from Marc check out his website and find some great deals for online poker rooms like Bodogpoker and a Partypoker Bonus Code as well as many other online poker bonuses.Courtesy of:fulltilt

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

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Man Utd,Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal banker bets oh dear

Man Utd Chelsea Liverpool Arsenal

Opening weekend of the premiership 2006/7 and 4 banker bets !
For the bookies ?.

Oh did you think you were going to fill your boots Man Utd at home Chelsea
at home Arsenal's first game in their new Emirates Stadium and Liverpool
away to new boy's Sheffield United this was the situation that gambler's
dream of.

I can see all those betting slips now, lucky 15's , 4 team accumulators, doubles's
and trebles plus backing each team as singles how could you loose.

Well my friend's loose you did except for the singles and a couple of doubles that
would have been so odds on you would have been lucky to get your money back.

Then there was all those exotic bet's ,first goal scorer + correct score, then there
is half-time full-time oh how the bookie's must have run for cover.

Never mind there's the mid-week games to come and of course next weekend
to retrieve those losses.

Now the bet to have done is to have gone to the betting exchanges, Betfair or
Betdaq and click on the box for lay the draw, straight away you would get 2
bet's for your money.

When you lay the draw you are betting that one or the other team will win hence
the 2 for one bet, now here's the smart part as these games are live you can
trade your position as the game unfolds which allows you to lock in profits before
the game end's.

Now with the Man Utd game and Chelsea's you would not have to have done
anything, as both these side's had scored early the likely event of these games
ending in a draw was non existent and you would have won your money without
any need to trade.

How ever the Arsenal and Liverpool games were quite different, you would have to
traded in these games to (a) make a profit or (b) at worse to minimise losses.

Liverpool equalized with 20 minuets still to play so the odds for a draw would
have moved out with the market expecting Liverpool to go on and win this is
the time to make your trade, and now reverse your bet of laying the draw and
back the draw.

This action would give a small profit or at least minimised your losses
Now the Arsenal game was not so easy as they did not equalize until the 84 minute
but you should have been able to trade out of this by doing a reverse bet prior to
Arsenal equalizing.

The golden rule of trading is to back high and lay low.

Before a football match kicks off the odds for a draw is normally around the the 3 mark and this is the time to lay the draw.

When a goal is scored hopefully by the favourite as was the case in the Man Utd
and Chelsea games the odds for a draw will increase and this is when we make
our reverse bet i.e. backing the draw, by doing this you lock in your profit and can
sit back and watch the game with a smile on your face or go to the pub and celebrate.

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How you could have guaranteed a profit by trading against Tiger Woods

Trading V Gambling
When on line gambling died and a new king was born long live the new king
long live the on-line trader.
A revelation swept the gambling world in June 2000 with the launch of the
betting exchanges.
Essentially these sites have allowed us punters to become bookmakers and have
introduced people to people betting thus doing away with the traditional bookmaker.
But more importantly they have given us the option of being able to trade our
Why is this important ? Well lets take the 2006 British Golf open ,this is a 4 day
event with 156 players taking part, the favourite for this tournament was
Tiger Woods.
Now Tiger is being labelled as the best golfer the world has seen and if you studied
his record you could not argue, but from a betting prospective you are being asked
to put your money down on 156 runner field that last over 4 days with Tigers odds
at 6/1.
So you go down to your local bookies or go on line and place your bet on Tiger then
sit back to watch your golf and hope you have made the right bet.
At the end of the first days golf the leaders score is 66 but there are 32 players
all within 3 points of the leader and a further 17 within 4 points so with 3 days
still to play there are 50 players all within 4 points of each other, and within those
50 players are some of the best golfers in the world including the best Tiger.
Now if your bookmaker phoned you up at this stage in the tournament and offered
to settle your bet at 30-40 or 50% of what you may win bearing in mind the above
what would you do ?.
Well this is what i did.
My bet was £100 at 6.60 (betting exchanges work in
decimals) this would give me a profit of £560 + my £100 stake if Tiger did win.
But of course if he lost i would lose my £100.
Thanks to the betting exchanges allowing us to trade this does not have to be the
At the end of the first days play Tigers odds had come down to 3.45 from his
original 6.60 this would allow me to do a lay bet, in other words i was now going
to bet against Tiger.
Now i had a choice i could make my bet for £100 which meant that if Tiger did
not win then i would break even and win or lose nothing, if he did win my winnings
would be £315 or i could make my bet for £150 then if he lost i would win £50
who ever won but if Tiger did win then i would win £193.
Or i could leave the bet and gamble.
Before the arrival of the betting exchanges i would not be able to do any of the
above and would have had to agonise over the 4 days and hoped that Tiger could
weave his magic and i would win my bet , as things turned out i opted for the
£150 bet and sat back and watched 3 thrilling days of golf safe in the knowledge
that who ever won i would be at least £50 better off.
As history will show Tiger did weave his magic and came through to win by 2
points and i ended up £193 better off.
Yes i could of stuck to my original bet and have won a further £367 but that
would have been gambling, and i do not gamble any more i am a trader.

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